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Bayer Ballet Academy™
Welcomes students ages 7-18
to Audition for BBA's Summer Intensive program

BAYER BALLET ACADEMY's Summer Intensive Program is the preeminent Russian-style Vaganova based training summer program. Teaching with a rigorous focus on posture and balance development, stretching, strength, movement coordination, stable turns, high jumps and musicality. Our curriculum includes instruction in Classical ballet technique and repertoire, Pointe, Male and Female variations, separate boys technique and repertoire classes, Pas de deux, Contemporary and Character dance, stretching and body conditioning.

Our faculty is honored to be joined this summer by internationally renowned teachers from around the world. The overall pedagogy is supervised by Dean of the Academy, Inna Bayer—a seasoned professional ballet mistress whose extensive teaching experience is also international, including Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and the USA.

AUDITION – April 1, 2017 (Audition fee $30)
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Adult Classes

Embrace your inner dancer—Join our adult ballet!

We are celebrating the launch of adult ballet with a FREE Trial classes to newcomers. Join us and learn about an opportunity to earn one month of FREE unlimited adult classes!

Adult ballet classes will be taught by Master Teacher—Ivan Goliandin, graduate of Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow with many years of international experience. In addition to classical ballet, Mr. Goliandin is especially known as an expert in character dance—a folk­based dance that will sure to inspire you and uplift your mood!

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FREE Trial Classes

Bayer Ballet Academy™
Offering trial classes for Newcomers

Bayer Ballet Academy welcomes you to attend one trial class in our Pre-ballet and Ballet Programs. Classes help to develop rhythm, co-ordination, and attention. Included special ballet gymnastics to foster flexibility, agility and posture. Also helps develop the habits of learning and repeating movements with increasing complexity.

Ballet Basic Technique Classes

Bayer Ballet Academy™
Welcomes students ages 10-15 to new
Ballet Basic Technique classes

Ballet classes created specifically for the convenience of today's busy students. Classes are perfect for students who want to take extra lessons, or those who do not wish to enroll in a full ballet program.
Conducted at the same high quality as those in our pre-professional levels. However, they focus on the technical elements of ballet and not on a combination of performance preparation and technique.
The goals of these classes are to familiarize the student with the art of ballet, and create conditions for their growth.

Mommy and Me Groups

Mommy and Me Morning Groups
Bayer Ballet Academy™ is now offering New Classes
for Parents and their Children

Kids ages 18-26 mons
10:00-10:30 am

Kids age 2-3
10:30-11:00 am

Kids age 3+
11:00-11:30 am

Each 30-minute is class designed for parent-child bonding, movement exploration and fun!

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Welcome to BBA

Welcome to BBA

My name is Inna Bayer and I want to welcome you to my school.
I opened my school in the belief that all children can learn to dance. In learning to dance they can share and appreciate beauty, culture and art. By enriching a child's world, we open it up to be a joyful place. I hope all children will have the opportunity to work hard and celebrate whatever success they are capable of and learn that with diligence comes achievement—an invaluable life lesson.

For children with the goal of a professional career my school offers the excellent ballet education with great attention to detail that will serve as an ideal foundation for an adult dancer.
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Serious about ballet

Serious about ballet
Bayer Ballet Academy™ presents "The Snow Queen"
by Elizabeth Schwyzer / Palo Alto Weekly

...One step through the door at Bayer Ballet Academy, and it's clear this is a school that takes its training and performance seriously...."Miss Inna spares no expense when it comes to ensuring a top-quality production," ...
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Boys Program

Announcing NEW Boys Division Program!

Bayer Ballet Academy is very excited to announce the opening of a new boys division starting 2015-2016 school year! In addition to our regular mixed-gender classes, students in boys division will take specialized boys-only classes under the instruction of Ballet Master, Ivan Goliadin. This is a truly unique opportunity to work on boys' specific skills and technique. The technique classes will provide strong foundation, improve balance and coordination, develop musicality, beautiful posture and lines. The program is enhanced with character (folk) dance and contemporary classes, which allow young dancers explore various dance styles and develop artistic expression through the art of dancing. Our instructors are experts in Vaganova style training - the world recognized premier ballet training method. With many professional performance opportunities this is the program for every aspiring young dancer and artist. We welcome all boys between the ages of 8-18 to join us this year for an amazing journey through the art of ballet!
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All boys classes 4 days a week. Classes will:

• Focus on specific skills such as jumps, turns and presentation
• Teach responsibilities of a strong dance partner
• Develop upper body strength
• Build a strong foundation in Ballet technique
• Provide teaching from internationally renowned Ballet Masters
• Teach a variety of repertoires
• Encourage you to challenge and be challenged by your peers
• Develop camaraderie with fellow dancers
• Give you professional performance and competition opportunities

Monday         5:30-6:30
Wednesday  7:15-8:30
Friday             8:15-9:15
Saturday       3:30-4:30

Please visit out website at for further details and schedule.

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Bayer Ballet Academy™
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